Although you have invested time and money on your website you may not get the expected results. Or even worse: you may be losing money and potential customers. Why?
Your website is your business card with users and if it fails the moment you want to meet a visitor, it will take a bad impression of your brand. An unsatisfied customer never returns, and shifts the bad perception of your brand to their relatives. When you set up your online presence strategy, it’s not only necessary to have an attractive website and to be visited by thousands of potential clients, The most important thing is that your website works when they want to visit it!
An online business where the web or blog is down, is not an online business. For this you must be informed of their availability and performance instantly.
Because if not, despite everything invested in illusion, design and money, they will look elsewhere for what they were looking for in their business. It will affect your reputation and generate bad image among users; You’ll penalize your positioning and you’ll be less visible in the search engines. This will lose visibility regarding the competition, which will lead to frustrated sales.
When creating your presence on the internet, controlling the availability and performance of your site is as important or more than the rest of the investments made.
You have to be aware of SEO, advertising, graphic design of your website and most important … That your website is always online!
There are several reasons why a website may be down, from problems with the hosting provider to occasional failures on your site.
You will think that your hosting works fine and that your site works always well, but how do you know if you have never monitored your web or blog?
If you already know of this reality you will also know how easy it’s to become paranoid about the constant checking of your website status .
Don’t despair, everything has a solution!
This article is intended to offer you peace and tranquility ensuring that if something goes wrong you will be the first to know, and not your valuable visitors.
Pingrely is a service that gives you automatic monitoring of your website through several servers located around the world.
By registering at you will receive an instant alert informing you when your website is down so that you can act quickly on the inconvenience.
Through its intuitive control panel you can also take a history of your site performance, add contacts to notify, define from which places in the world to be monitored, etc.
Pingrely not only monitors websites but also mail servers, FTP, DNS, ports and keyword monitoring, among others.
It’s a fundamental tool today that will ensure your business and will take away stress to your life by ceasing to be concerned about the availability of your site.
Don’t hesitate, start monitoring your online presence in an easy way and check the effectiveness of this tool!